Who are the Red Eyed Dragons?

Dreamers, creators. Hard workers, innovators. Our talents have been recognized in festivals and awards alike. When it comes to film- any film, be it a feature, an internet short, a music video, or even a commercial- we believe in bringing together the very best our group is capable of. Then we improve upon it.

From pre-production to post, RED brings talent and quality to the screen. We create the concept. We write the scripts. We cast, we organize. We bring excellent, modern equipment. We handle the video and the audio. We even edit, add after effects, and polish. Our team can handle every aspect of filmmaking.

And we only improve with each new film. Every project is a lesson that we take with us into the next, making bigger and better productions. Even as our individual drives push us ever forward, so too does our teamwork solidify our talent. No Red Eyed Dragon is unimportant, and we all work together at every level to ensure that our films are, without fail, the best possible films.

We are artisans and professionals, driven beyond the limits of the ordinary.

We are the dreamers become the dream.

We are the tireless beast of imagination.

We are Red Eyed Dragon Productions.

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